When democracy wins, everyone wins

Mission Statement

JUSTVOTE is a Calgary based grass root non-partisan Muslim community facilitation team to encourage political participation by citizens in general and Muslim citizens in particular in the electoral process of this beautiful country.

it is not a political entity in itself but is there to help the existing political organizations


Creating enlightened, process driven, vibrant, politically involved communities.  


To increase awareness of political process in the community. This will be attempted through creating awareness sessions on political processes, political parties and supporting individuals to join the political parties of their choice.
The hope is that this will increase positive participation in social and civic activism and creating a positive image of the democratic processes and governance.
Effort will also be made that this initiative will help people develop similar processes of governance within their community organization and increase accountability. 


The core structure of this team will consist of councils based in quadrants of the city.
Each council will consist of 5-10 council representatives and membership will consist of people  living in that particular part of the city.

The organizing committee, which consists of board of trustees will consist of the paid founding members and will be responsible for overseeing the election of the operational bodies and facilitating the inclusion. 

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